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DMSO ACS Reagent Grade is Dimethyl Sulfoxide that conforms to the American Chemical Society's (ACS) 9th Edition Specifications for Reagent Chemicals. It meets requirements for general solvent.

May 22, 2006.

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. PubChem Compound, 679. PDB ID, Not Available.

PubChem Substance ID 24849647. Dimethyl sulfoxide-d6 (DMSO-d6) is a deuterated solvent. It is 100% isotopically enriched NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) solvent.

Dimethyl sulfoxide | (CH3)2SO or C2H6OS | CID 679 – structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological.

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Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Dimethyl sulfoxide, 67-68-5.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is a highly polar organic solvent with many applications in chemical and biological research. DMSO can uniquely provide solubility.

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The NCGC Pharmaceutical Collection: A Comprehensive Resource of Clinically Approved Drugs Enabling Repurposing and Chemical Genomics – The NPC Screening Resource excludes large molecules (such as proteins and antibodies >1500 MW), as well as small molecules that are insoluble in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), unstable at.


DMSO has been used as an industrial solvent since the mid-1800s. From about the mid-20th century, researchers have explored its use as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The benefits of DMSO are so numerous, that DMSO has been named Nature's Healer by Dr. Morton Publisher's permission obtained to display Chapter-6 DMSO – The Persecuted Drug – Dr. Stanley.

Dimethyl sulfoxide; DMSO. Formula. C2H6OS.

G04BX13 Dimethyl sulfoxide. D01043 Dimethyl sulfoxide (JAN/USP/INN) <US>.

PubChem: 13325.

DMSO is a vasodilator, which basically means it enlarges small blood vessels allowing an increase in circulation in the area of which it is applied. This improved blood supply also increases oxygen levels.

Staurosporine (DMSO solution), protein kinase inhibitor (CAS 62996-74-1), with >98% purity. Join researchers using our high quality biochemicals.

Final DMSO concentration in assay wells was 0.5%.

Online-only Table 1 lists inhibitor abbreviation, name and unique identifiers (InChiKey and PubChem CID) along with the provider and primary.

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Oct 27, 2017.

After the assay plates were incubated at a 37C and 0% CO2 for 5 hr, 23 nL of compounds dissolved in DMSO, positive controls or DMSO only.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is a highly polar organic solvent with many applications in chemical and biological research. DMSO can uniquely provide solubility to certain very polar small molecules, such.

Сокращения. DMSO, ДМСО. Хим. формула. — 544 с. DMSO — a new clean, unique, superior solvent.

Jan 8, 2019.

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) @ 20 C: soluble (6 g/100 ml).

in chloroform, benzene (sources: Merck Index , scientific publications, PubChem).

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Storage, Desiccate at RT. Purity, ≥99.9%. CAS Number, 67-68-5. PubChem ID, 679. InChI Key, IAZDPXIOMUYVGZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N.

High-throughput RNAi screen for essential genes and drug synergistic combinations in colorectal cancer – The screen contained four experimental arms: the DMSO anchor arm, to assess the activity of siRNA.

Note that duplicate wells are not able to be reported in Pubchem (Data Record 1), but are included.